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Information System for the Regular Inspection of Motorcycle Exhaust System

  1. This system primarily compiles information related to the exhaust inspections of scooters and motorcycles. You may use this website for functions such as looking up inspection information, subsidies for exhaust inspection stations , and applying to suspend inspections at stations.
  2. The primary functions of the system for the regular inspection of motorcycle exhaust are as follows
    • General Public
      1. Look up inspection information
        • Here you may search the historical inspection information of scooters and motorcycles, including their inspection time, brand, exhaust volume, date of manufacture, and issue date of licenses.
      2. Motorcycle E-Pass
        • You may utilize this function to register for e-mail notification services to remind you of regular motorcycle inspections. After entering a license plate number, owner's name, and e-mail address, the system will automatically send a notification e-mail reminding you when it's time for a regular inspection.
    • Inspection Station
      1. Inspection Station Suspension Applications
        • If you are an inspection station, you may utilize this function to apply to the local environmental protection bureau for suspending inspections; the system will automatically submit your application information to the local environmental protection bureau.
      2. Information on Issued Subsidies for Regular Inspections
        • If you are an inspection station, you may utilize this page to look up past subsidies of regular motorcycle inspections issued by the Environmental Protection Administration.
      3. Regulations Related to Regular Motorcycle Inspections
        • You may use this page to look up regulations relating to the regular inspection of motorcycles , including laws, exhaust inspection procedures, and regulations for establishing inspection stations.